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Asset Accounting for forestry, land and soil, fishery, mineral and water resources denotes a significant approach towards the development of the environmental and natural resources accounting system in the country. It displays categories of natural asset which will sustain the socio-economic well-being of the people.

Caraga is considered as one of the regions in the country with rich source of minerals. Mineral resources contribute to the region’s wealth and are an asset in the economic growth of the area. The accounting of this asset is considered vital for the formulation of comprehensive planning, policy, and decision making in the region.

Environmental Assets such as mineral and energy resources, land resources, soil resources, aquatic resources, timber resources, water resources and other biological resources provide a series of benefits to individuals and to society because they are the source of inputs that are needed by society for production and consumption purposes. Environmental asset accounts provide information in assessing whether current forms of economic activity are depleting and degrading the available environmental assets.

In 2015, the Philippine Statistics Authority – Regional Statistical Services Office XIII (PSA RSSO XIII) embarked on the compilation of Caraga’s natural assets using the Philippine Economic-Environmental and Natural Resources Accounting (PEENRA). After the successful compilation on the Caraga Asset Accounts for Mineral Resources: 2015-2018, which primarily focused on the accounting of metallic minerals, PSA continued the effort on the compilation of Caraga Asset Account for Non-metallic Mineral Resources: 2015-2019.