Reference Number: 2023-Publication-002 | Date Released: May 2, 2023 - Updated
Aside from the conduct of different surveys, we also started the 2022 Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) wherein 60 Local Government Units (LGUs) in Caraga joined the 2022 roll-out. More coordination had been done and more Technical Working Groups (TWGs) had been created to rally support from our stakeholders. The Regional Statistics Committee (RSC) was able to pass 21 resolutions and conduct several trainings for its member agencies and LGUs. The RSC award received in 2022 as the Breakthrough RSC was indeed astounding. As of December 2022, the Caraga PhilSys team was able to register more than 2 million national ID registrants accounting for 82 percent of the target in the region. Read more about 2022 Annual Report .


Reference Number: 2023-Publication-001 | Date Released: January 27, 2023
The RSET, a compendium of local level statistics, presents annual time series data on various sectors of the region and its component provinces, cities, and municipalities. It also contains granular data in different dimensions and includes glossary of terms of official concepts and definitions for statistical purposes as approved by the PSA Board. Read more about 2022 Regional Social and Economic Trends.


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The year 2021 was a fruitful year for PSA Caraga despite the many challenges and emotional toll the year has taken on everyone. I’m grateful with our accomplishments during such an unprecedented chapter in our history. The experiences that we have had, both beautiful and unpleasant, serves as an inspiration for us to move forward. Read more about 2021 Annual Report.


Reference Number: | Date Released: April 25, 2022
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Board approved for adoption the CoRe-Is through Resolution No. 10, series of 2017. The CoRe-Is is a set of 98 economic, social and multidomain indicators that aims to: • Monitor the social, economic, political, cultural and environmental developments at the regional level; • Aid the government in understanding the needs of ocal communities; and • Enable both the national and local governments make right policies, decisions and actions for development planning and policy formulation. • These indicators would be produced, compiled, and disseminated taking into account comparability of indicators across regions. Read more about Core Regional Indicators (CoRe-Is) 2018-2020.


Reference Number: ISSN 1656-8494 | Date Released:
This edition covers the 2020 data or any of the preceding years that are available from the data source agencies. Tables and charts with short explanatory texts and brief analyses were utilized to expound some meaningful stories behind the data. Local data such as provincial/city disaggregation are cited whenever available. Read more about Women and Men in Caraga Statistical Hand Book.


Reference Number: | Date Released: March 3, 2021
This factsheet pertains to the labor and employment indicators of women in Caraga. This is based on the results of the April 2020 Labor Force Survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority. Read more about Factsheet on Women in the Labor Force.


Reference Number: ISSN 2672-2062 | Date Released: December 2018
The Caraga Asset Accounts for Timber Resources is the initial compilation following the UN System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) 2012 – Central Framework. It contains a set of accounts on physical and monetary for the years 2000 to 2015 that provides statistical information in support of the economic and environmental accounting. The accounting of timber in Caraga is the primary step to address some issues concerning the impact of log production, sustainability of forestry program, the use of biodiversity conservation in support of the economic development of the region. Read more about Caraga Asset Account for Timber Resources 2003-2015.


Reference Number: ISSN 2719-1257 | Date Released: December 2020
The Philippine Statistics Authority – Regional Statistical Services Office XIII (PSA-RSSO XIII) continues its endeavor for Environment and Natural Resources Accounting (ENRA) activities by focusing, this time, on the accounting of mineral asset in the region. The compilation and estimation for mineral resources covered the accounting period of 2015 to 2018. This compilation was based on the United Nations System of EnvironmentalEconomic Accounting (SEEA) 2012 – Central Framework. Read more about Caraga Asset Account for Mineral Resources 2015-2018.


Reference Number: ISSN 2672-2054 | Date Released: December 2018
The Philippine Statistics Authority-Regional Statistical Services Office – Region XIII (PSA-RSSO XIII) is the second region that explored the compilation and estimation of the asset accounts for land resources covering the years 2003 to 2015 to determine the valuation of the environmental accounts of the region. The compilation of Asset accounts for land resources was based on the UN System of EnvironmentalEconomic Accounting (SEEA) 2012 – Central Framework. Read more about Caraga Asset Account for Land Resources 2003-2015.


Reference Number: ISSN 1656-040X | Date Released: December 18, 2020
In its commitment to widely disseminate and communicate statistical information generated by the Philippine Statistical System, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), through its Regional Statistical Services Offices (RSSOs), continues to update and publish local level statistics designated to address the varied statistical needs of planners and policy makers at the local level. Read more about 2020 Regional Social and Economic Trends.