Solid responsive world-class authority on quality statistics, efficient civil registration, and inclusive identification system.


Deliver relevant, reliable statistics, efficient civil registration services and inclusive identification system for equitable development towards improved quality of life for all.

Core Values

• Integrity

We observe the highest standards of professional behaviour by exemplifying impartiality and independence in everything we do. We stand firm with undue influence - ensuring integrity cuts across not only in the statistics we deliver but more importantly , in out people.


• Transparency 

We ensure transparency in all interactions and transactions to build and nurture trust inside and outside the PSA. We strice for clear cummunication, shared knowledge, and informed, all inclusive decisions for cultivating mutual respect at all levels of the organization.


• Adaptability 

We respond to change with a positive attitude and willingness to learn new ways to deliver our mandate. We stay on top of technological advancements and never give up in the face of challenges, instead finding them as opportunities to discover and gain insights to further our services to the public.

Quality Policy

We, the Philippine Statistics Authority, commit to deliver relevant and reliable statistics, efficient civil registration services and inclusive identification system to our clients and stakeholders.

We adhere to the UN Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics in the production of Quality General-Purpose Statistics.

We commit to deliver efficient civil registration services and inclusive identification system in accordance with the laws, rules and regulations, and other statutory requirements.

We endeavor to live by the established core values of the PSA and adapt the appropriate technology in the development of our products and delivery of services to ensure customer satisfaction.

We commit to continually improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System towards equitable development for improved quality life for all.

PSA Logo and its Meaning

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) logo signifies its commitment to provide timely and quality statistics necessary for decision making in all aspects of Filipino life. It reflects the PSA’s vision of solid, responsive, and world-class authority on quality statistics and civil registration; and its mission to deliver relevant, reliable statistics and civil registration services for equitable development towards improved quality of life for all.

Two main elements in the logo

  • Three curved arrows

Symbolize the three main pillars of the PSA as an organization: solid, responsive, and world-class. These arrows are colored red, yellow, and blue representing the colors of the Philippine flag and signifying the role of the PSA as the national statistical agency. The arrows are joined together on their sides to represent the PSA being solid, and are pointing upwards to symbolize the PSA’s dynamism in accomplishing its critical role of achieving the collective dream of sustained economic and social progress, reflecting the responsiveness of the PSA;

  • Sphere and grid (globe)

Represent the PSA’s adherence to the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and commitment to international conventions and standards. It also represents the PSA’s participation in the global statistical community, mirroring its vision of being world-class.