First Name / Born Before 1993

Child is born before 1993

The first name Baby Boy,Baby Girl, Baby, Boy and Girl as considered as if the first names were omitted, hence these are cases falling under the procedure of supplemental report. (Memorandum Circular dated September 12, 2008 Re: Revisions in Paragraph 2, Case No. 1 of Memorandum Circular No. 2007-2008)

Who Shall File

  • owner of the record
  • owners spouse
  • children
  • parents
  • brothers
  • sisters
  • grandparents
  • guardian
  • other person duly authorized by law or by the owner of the document sought to be corrected;
  • if owner of the record is a minor or physically or mentally incapacitated, petition may be filed by his spouse, or any of his children, parents, brothers; sisters; grandparents, guardians, or persons duly authorized by law.

Where to File

  • If born in the Philippines

    • Supplemental report shall be filed with the local civil registry office of the city or municipality where the birth is registered.
  • If born abroad

    • Supplemental report shall be filed with the Philippine Consulate where the birth was reported.
    • If the person born abroad is already in the Philippines, supporting documents for supplemental report shall be coursed through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Office of Consular Affairs.

Supporting Documents

For supplemental report

To supply the missing entry an affidavit indicating the entry missed in the registration and the reasons why there was a failure in supplying the required entry. Other Supporting documents should be provided to show the first name of the child.