Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2006=100) : December 2016 (elsa)

By Region, Year-on-Year

  • Inflation in NCR advanced 2.7 percent in December.
  • AONCR, however, retained its November inflation figure of 2.6 percent. Eight regions exhibited higher annual rates during the month. Meanwhile, six regions had slower annual rates with Ilocos Region, CALABARZON and Davao Region maintaining their respective last month’s rates. The highest annual growth remained in Cagayan Valley at 4.9 percent while the lowest was still in CALABARZON at 1.5 percent. (Table 8)
  • Among the regions in AONCR, the highest annual average inflation in 2016 at 3.2 percent was posted in Central Visayas and Davao Region while CALABARZON had the lowest average annual inflation at 0.9 percent.

 By Commodity Group, Year-on-Year

  • At the national level, higher annual increments were registered in the indices of food and non-alcoholic beverages at 3.6 percent in December; transport, 1.9 percent; and recreation and culture, 1.7 percent. The rest of the commodity groups either had slower annual add-ons or retained their previous month’s rate. (Table 8)
  • The annual change of the food alone index in the Philippines accelerated to 3.7 percent in December 2016.  Last month, it was pegged at 3.5 percent and in December 2015, 1.8 percent. (Table 13)
  • Higher annual rates were seen in the indices of rice and other cereals, flour, cereal preparation, bread, pasta and other bakery products, both at 1.6 percent; meat, 1.8 percent; fish, 5.5 percent; and vegetables, 11.5 percent.  That for food products not elsewhere classified rose 0.9 percent from -0.1 percent last month. The rest of the food groups either remained at their previous month’s rates or had slower annual mark-ups. (Table 10)
  • The annual average inflation of the food alone index in the Philippines was 2.6 percent in 2016, the same rate recorded in 2015. (Table 13)