PSA Prepares to Conduct of the Quarterly Fisheries Surveys for 2022

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February 22, 2022



The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) will conduct the 2022 Quarterly Fisheries Survey namely: Quarterly Municipal Fisheries Survey (QMFS); Quarterly Aquaculture Surveys (QAqS); Quarterly Inland Fisheries Survey (QIFS) and Quarterly Commercial Fisheries Surveys (QCFS). The survey aims to generate volume and value on Commercial Fisheries, Marine Municipal Fisheries, Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture production by species and by quarter at the national, regional and provincial level. The statistics generated through the conduct of these surveys serve as input to compilation of national accounts, researches and studies, estimation of performance of agriculture, policy making and program implementation.


During the conduct of the survey, hired statistical researchers (SRs) will visit the sample fish landing centers for commercial and municipal fisheries as well as selected sample aquafarm operators and inland fishing households. The quarterly data collection for CY  2022 will be conducted as follows:



Hired SRs are trained prior to field operation to ensure that the procedures and concepts are understood and to assure that they adhere to the prescribed Covid-19 safety protocols during the conduct of the interview. Moreover, all the data and information collected by the hired SRs from sample fishermen shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for purposes of taxation, investigation or regulation as provided under Article 55 of RA 10625.



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