PSA Enjoins Support for the conduct of 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS)

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April 27, 2022


The Philippine Statistics Authority – Regional Statistical Services Office XIII (Caraga) will conduct the 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey, with a sample of around 1,945 households, deemed sufficient to provide regional level estimates. About thirty-eight (38) Statistical Researchers and Field Personnel will be involved in the conduct of the 2022 NDHS in the region.


The 2022 NDHS is the twelfth in a series of national demographic and health surveys undertaken in the Philippines since 1968. It will involve interviewing respondents from randomly selected households, and within selected households, women who are 15 to 49 years old. The Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) application using tablet as a method of data collection will be introduced.


The 2022 NDHS is a national sample survey designed to provide information on population, fertility, family planning, marriage, child health, child survival, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, reproductive health, nutrition, gender issues, women safety, tobacco and alcohol use. Information on child discipline and early childhood development will also be collected in this NDHS round.


In line with this, the PSA encourages everyone, especially the sample households, to support and cooperate in the conduct of the 2022 NDHS. The data collection will start on 02 May to 22 June 2022.


All information collected by the hired Statistical Researchers from the sample households shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for purposes of taxation, investigation or regulation as provided under Article 55 of RA 10625.



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