PSA conducts the October 2020 Consumer Expectations Survey (CES)

The October 2020 Consumer Expectation Survey (CES) will be undertaken this coming October 1 to 13, 2020. The CES is a nationwide quarterly household-based survey on the consumers’ assessment of their family income, financial situation, and the economic condition of the country.

It aims to provide a quick and regular assessment of the financial condition of consumers as well as the economic condition of the country at present and in the near future from the consumers’ own viewpoints; generate forecasts in the direction of the country’s economic activity based on consumers’ outlook in the current quarter, next quarter and the next 12 months; provide quick and regular assessment of consumers’ confidence in terms of their income and expenditures as well as their outlook on key economic indicators closely monitored by the BSP such as inflation, exchange rate and interest rates; provide quick and regular assessment of the saving condition of consumers and outstanding debt situation of the household head, their spouse/partner, their children and other family members at present.

This is administered on a sample basis at the household level drawn through a stratified multi-stage random sampling. Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Norte are the provinces covered for this survey round. It is a joint undertaking between the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) and the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP). The PSA’s responsibility is to undertake the data collection using Computer-Aided Data Collection System (CADaCS) while generation of tables and analysis of the results for the BSP.

All information collected by the hired Statistical Researchers from the sample households shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for purposes of taxation, investigation or regulation as provided under Article 55 of RA 10625.