PSA to conduct Palay and Corn Stocks Survey for 2020

Palay and Corn Stock Survey (PCSS1) is one of the regular monthly survey conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority which aims to generate estimates of the current stocks of rice and corn in farming and non-farming households. The data generated from the survey is used to monitor stocks situation of the food staples to ensure supply and demand equilibrium, access, and price stability. It also aid policy makers in determining the quantity to be imported for food security purposes. Moreover, the survey supports the data needs of planners, policy and decision makers, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector and the general public as well.

The monthly PCSS1 covers sample farming households and non-farming households from the sample barangays covered in the Palay and Corn Production Surveys. The collection of data is undertaken by hired Statistical Researchers (SRs) through personal interview during the first four (4) days of the month with the 1st day of the month as the reference period.

All the data and information collected by the hired Statistical Researchers from sample farmer-producers shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for purposes of taxation, investigation or regulation as provided under Article 55 of RA 10625.