PSA to conduct Fishery Production Survey for April 2017 round

Fishery Production Survey is one of the important quarterly surveys of the Philippine Statistics Authority. The general objective is to generate information on the monthly volume and value of fish unloading by species at the provincial, regional and national levels. It specifically collects a.) statistics on quantity of fish unloading by species by month; b.) price per kilogram of fish unloading by species by month; and c. determine reasons for high or low volume of fish unloading. There are four (4) specific survey activities conducted for fisheries sector namely the Quarterly Commercial Fishery (QCFS), Quarterly Municipal Fishery Survey (QMFS), Quarterly Inland Municipal Fishery Survey (QIMFS) and Quarterly Aquaculture Survey (QAqS). QCFS covers unloading from commercial fishing boat with a capacity of more than three (3) gross tons for trade, business or profit beyond subsistence or sports fishing. QMFS gathers information on unloading from fishing within municipal waters using fishing vessels of three (3) gross tons or less, or fishing not requiring the use of fishing vessels. The QIMFS is a survey on volume and price of fish, by species, caught by households engaged in inland fishing. The Quarterly Aquaculture Survey (QAqS) is a quarterly survey that generates estimates of volume and value of production by aqua-farm type and species at the provincial level. Fisheries outputs form part of the estimation for the performance of agriculture and eventually, of the National Accounts for the generation of GVA, GNP and GDP. The data sets generated out of this activity serve as basis for researches and policy formulation. Survey operation for the April 2017 Round will be conducted on March 20-24, 2017. All information collected by the hired Statistical Researchers from sample farmers shall be kept strictly confidential and shall not be used for purposes of taxation, investigation or regulation as provided under Article 55 of RA 10625.