Consumer Price Index in Caraga Consumer Caraga (2006=100) January 2017 Report

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is an indicator of the change in the average retail prices of a fixed basket of goods and services commonly purchased by households relative to a base year. It shows how much on the average, prices of goods and services have increased or decreased from a particular reference period known as base year. Inflation rate refers to the rate of change in the average prices of goods and services typically purchased by consumers. It is interpreted in terms of declining purchasing power of money The Purchasing Power of the Peso (PPP) indicates the value of the peso in the period under review as compared to the value of the peso in the base period. It is computed as the reciprocal of the CPI for the period under review multiplied by 100. The CPI is mostly used in the calculation of the rate and purchasing power of the peso. It is a major statistical series used for economic analysis and as monitoring indicator of government economic policy. The CPI is also used to adjust other economic series for price changes. Another major importance of the CPI is its use as basis to adjust wages in labor management contracts as well as pensions and retirement benefits.