Caraga Death Registration 2021

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April 29, 2022

The total number of registered deaths in Caraga region from January to December 2021 reached 21,232. This is higher by 34.33 percent than the total registered deaths of 15,806 in 2020; and 29.88 percent higher than the recorded deaths in 2019.


Figure 1. Number of Registered Deaths, Caraga:  2016 to 2021

With regards to death registration by province, the highest number of deaths in Caraga in 2021 occurred in the province of Surigao del Sur with 5,385 or 25.36 percent share. This was followed by the provinces of Agusan del Sur with 5,052 and Surigao del Norte with 4,470 or a combined share of 44.85 percent. Rank fourth was the province of Agusan del Norte with 2,779 or 13.09 percent. While Butuan City, a highly urbanized city, rank fifth with 2,561 registered deaths or a 12.06 percent share. The Province of Dinagat Islands showed the least share of 985 or 4.61 percent.

Figure 2. Number of Registered Deaths by Province and Butuan City, Caraga: 2021


In terms of registration by month of occurrence, the month of March posted the lowest number of registered deaths in 2021 at 1,235 or equivalent to 40 deaths per day. However, the months of September and October showed the highest volume of deaths with a daily average of 77 and 75, respectively. Daily average refers to the total registered deaths per month over the number of days per month.

Figure 3. Number of Registered Deaths at Daily Average by Month, Caraga: January to December 2021


Among the cities in the region, Butuan City recorded the highest number of deaths with a total of 2,561 in 2021. Second and third in rank were Surigao City and Bislig City with 1,459 and 931, respectively. This was followed by Bayugan City with 910 and Cabadbaran City with 642. Meanwhile, the City of Tandag showed the lowest number of registered deaths with 532.


Figure 4. Number of Registered Deaths by City, Caraga: 2021


Shown below are the Top 5 municipalities in Caraga Region with the most number of registered deaths in 2021. The municipality that noted the highest number of registered deaths is the Municipality of Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur with 653 total deaths. Close in figure is the Municipality of San Fancisco, Agusan del Sur with 623.


Figure 5. Top 5 Municipalities with Most Number of Registered Deaths, Caraga: 2021


In the Caraga region, the number of male deaths reached to 11,973 which is higher by 56.39 percent than female deaths of 9,259 in 2021. This indicates that there were about 129 male deaths for every 100 female deaths. 


Figure 6. Percent Distribution of Registered Deaths by Sex, Caraga: 2021




Table 1. Number of Registered Deaths, by Month, Caraga, by Province and Butuan City: January to December 2021


Table 2. Number of Registered Deaths, by Month, Caraga, by City: January to December 2021



Explanatory Notes


Data presented in this release were obtained from the Certificates of Death (Municipal Form No. 103) that were registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars of Caraga Region and forwarded to the Philippine Statistics Authority. The information presented includes registered deaths from January to December 2021, preliminary as of 28 February 2022.



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