Agusan Del Sur

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Provincial Statistical Office
Agusan Del Sur 
Brigidito R. Acebu
Chief Statistical Specialist
Government Center, Patin-ay
Prosperidad, Agusan Del Sur
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Agusan Del Sur Provincial Statistical Figures

Municipality Population
City of Bayugan 103,202
Bunawan 45,151
Esperanza 54,801
La Paz 28,217
Loreto 42,501
Prosperidad (Capital) 82,631
Rosario 46,683
San Francisco 74,542
San Luis 32,109
Santa Josefa 26,729
Talacogon 38,374
Trento 51,565
Veruela 43,706
Sibagat 30,442
Price Indices Mar 2018
Consumer Price Index (2012=100) 115.3
Inflation Rate 3.1%
Purchasing Power of the Peso 0.87


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