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Region XIII - (Caraga) 
Dr. Rosalinda Celeste-Apura 
Regional Director 
Freeman Bldg.
J.C. Aquino Avenue, 
Butuan City 8600 
Tel no.:   (085) 225-5219, (085) 815-2878 
Telefax:  (085) 815-4935
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Regional Statistical Figures

Demography Aug 2015
Total Population 2,596,709
Agusan Del Norte (excluding Butuan City) 354,503
Butuan City 337,063
Agusan Del Sur 700,653
Surigao Del Norte 485,088
Surigao Del Sur 592,250
Province of Dinagat Islands 127,152
Price Indices Feb 2021
   CPI (2012=100) 128.1
Inflation Rate (%) 4.7
Purchasing power of the peso 0.78
Labor Force Survey Jul 2020P
Total Population 15 Years Ols and Over (in thousands) 1,808
Labor Force Participation Rate (%) 68.6
Employment Rate (%) 93.3
Unemployment Rate (%) 6.7
Underemployment Rate (%) 17.1


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Reference Number: 2022-017 | Date Released: June 8, 2022
The May 2022 Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all items in Caraga reached 115.9 index points. This shows that the average retail prices of commodities in the market basket was higher by 15.9 percent compared to its prices in 2018, the reference base year. This month’s CPI for all goods and services was higher by 5.6 index points than the 110.3 CPI in May 2021. Read more about Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index in Caraga (2018=100): May 2022.


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The year 2021 was a fruitful year for PSA Caraga despite the many challenges and emotional toll the year has taken on everyone. I’m grateful with our accomplishments during such an unprecedented chapter in our history. The experiences that we have had, both beautiful and unpleasant, serves as an inspiration for us to move forward. Read more about 2021 Annual Report.


Reference Number: 2022-017 | Date Released: June 2, 2022
Caraga’s total palay production in 2021 dropped by 7.07 percent from 503,331 metric tons in 2020 to 467,744 metric tons in 2021. The decrease of production was attributed by the diminution of area harvested to 5.25 percent. Total area harvested in 2021 was estimated at 147,878 hectares which was 8,195 hectares lower compared with last year’s level of 156,073 hectares. Likewise, the yield per hectare decreased by 1.92 percent from 3.22 metric tons per hectare in 2020 to 3.16 metric tons per hectare in 2021. Read more about Caraga’s Palay Situation Report for 2021.


Reference Number: 2022-012 | Date Released: June 1, 2022
The fisheries production in the region dropped by 7.6 percent or about 5,040.1 metric tons from 66,601.7 metric tons in 2020 to 61,561.6 metric tons in 2021. The region’s decrease in production was mainly attributed to the output reduction of the municipal fisheries subsector by 8.4 percent. From its fisheries production of 42,866.2 metric tons in 2020, it recorded 39,281.0 metric tons of fisheries production in 2021. Further, the aquaculture subsector also showed a decrease of 7.8 percent from 14,945.0 metric tons in 2020 to 13,783.7 metric tons in 2021 while the commercial subsector declined by 3.3 percent from 8,790.5 metric tons in 2020 to 8,496.9 metric tons in 2021 Read more about Fisheries Situation in Caraga: 2020-2021.


Reference Number: 2022-017 | Date Released: June 2, 2022
The number of constructions in the region posted a total of 821 in the fourth quarter of 2021. This represents a decrease of -4.9 percent from the 863 total constructions in the same quarter of 2020. Read more about Construction Statistics in Caraga : 4th Quarter 2021.



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